Tuesday, 18 September 2012

One a Day Project - Tuesday's Tallies - Week 3 - Not Just Another Granny Square Blanket

I spent three days last week driving 650 miles, the big round trip from Gloucestershire to Tyne and Wear via Cumbria both ways. I was returning the middle one back to uni in Newcastle and visiting my parents aka Granny and Granddad, in Penrith. So our house is quiet now only 3 + dog at home and not 5 like it used to be. Unfortunately the drive home from Penrith via the lovely M6 car park was not the best, it added "only" 3 extra hours to my 4 hour journey on Friday afternoon..sic.
Giant Granny, Cath Kidston colours
I haven't got masses of progress to report this week but the Giant Granny has been finished and "joined-as-you-goed" and some more squares added and most of the ends are finished off too. The "Count" was 60 last week and 83 this week, actually not that bad considering. I've added over 3 a day, I count the giant as 16 squares. I am being very good with my ends.

I went to Knit and Natter at the brand new Bluestocking Wool & Gifts shop in Stroud this morning, and crocheted, they didn't throw me out! It's sad that Along Came Polly is now no more but great we still have a local yarn shop stocking my favourite Stylecraft as well as posh yarn like Rowan. I hope Sunie's shop grows and prospers as it should. I bought 3 more balls of the colours I am using, but three others I needed were out of stock. When I got home and read that the wonderful Get Knitted in Bristol are finally stocking Stylecraft too I whooped, just a £10 order for free post and great prices. So I have got the yarn winging its way to me that I need to finish; from my next most local shop, so I am happy to be able to support both. Even better the sun is out and photo taking is easy.
one a day Ravelry
Cath Kidston inspired Granny Blanket
I have almost finished plotting the next crochet throw all chant together now "I must not start that one until this one is finished".....yeah right! Not too difficult as I am loving it!
Sun is out hurrah, and those really are the ONLY ends not sewn in!
See you next week and don't forget to check out all the other lovely "One a Day" projects via Gingerbread Girl's blog


  1. Fiona, it looks super! Wish there was something like Knit and Natter over here in Germany... but no such luck. My LYS even opens for two half and one full day a week only:-(

  2. A beautiful blanket with gorgeous colours. I love the idea
    of a giant middle granny square. I wish we had a Knit or Crochet and
    Natter where I live.


  3. Looking so good so far! Lovely the colours together, so bright and cheerful and Cath Kidston-y!

    S x

  4. Blanket is looking fab Fiona! Thanks for the link to Get Knitted - got that saved for next time I need to order some stylecraft!!
    Karen xx

  5. What a great project! I look forward to seeing the FO! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Looking wonderful Fiona!! It is good fun seeing how some of us are going.

  7. It's coming along beautifully, I love the big square in the middle. You are so lucky to have a LYS that stocks Stylecraft!!

  8. Oooh, so beautiful sunny pictures! Your blanket is going to be amazing! I love your colour choice, especially the red squares inbetween.
    I wish you a wonderful and happy rest of the week!

  9. Wow, you hook your blanket in such a fast way. Respect, I couldn't. Your cushions from the last post are lovely too. Have a great week! Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  10. Your blanket is looking snuggly already : -)

  11. Your blanket is very bright and cheerful! The colours are very nice!

  12. As promised, I am catching up with your posts and you are inspiring me with your one a day. Will have to give it a go! Abigail x


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