Thursday, 27 September 2012

How much?!

It is quite flattering that my rainbow ripple has been admired, both in blogland and in real life, not that blogland isn't real life but you get my drift? I have had 3 enquiries as to "how much?" would I sell it for.
neat ripple
Rainbow Ripple

A lot of hard work, sweat and enjoyment went into my first proper throw. It wasn't made for sale, but then again everything has a value, whether it be the raw materials, labour involved or aesthetics or most usually a combination of all of the above. The value is only what one person is prepared to actually pay though, as all of us trying to sell a house at present know well!
scallop crochet border
So far a friend wanted me to make one if she bought the yarn, I refused that offer. At present it is in my local yarn shop window and two customers have enquired as to "how much?" So far the price I quoted has not been responded too. I suspect they want to pay cost of yarn & £10 as well! Oh well, I am happy, I don't particularly want to sell it unless someone pays quite a bit to fuel other projects.
Attic 24 neat ripple
I don't think I have ever been at the receiving end of a "if you have to ask you can't afford it" enquiry before, but if you are not prepared to give my time some value then it is not for sale.
It is flattering that people like it though. How much do you think?  I used about £35 worth of yarn, it took about 80 hours and fits the top of our king bed, so generous for a double. That was a rhetorical question, it's a silly amount even at half minimum wage!!  But then again, some things sell for silly amounts.


  1. A beautiful and stunning blanket, with gorgeous colours. To me it would be priceless and unique (as all craft projects are) you cannot put a price onto the love, patience or enjoyment you have put into making it. Just my opinion.

  2. I had just this type of discussion today but regarding a scarf. £10 seemed pitiful for 2 nights solid work plus nearly 1kg double stranded aran yarn. I'd happily make them as gifts but the person who asked had no appreciation for hand crafted goods and looked offended when I said no. 'Buy one in Primark' was my answer!
    I know the amount of work that went into your beautiful blanket and I can't even begin to come up with a non insulting price.

  3. hello Fiona
    Unfortunately some people have no thought to the time and love that goes into making hand crafted items. They don't seem to remember that a hand crafted item is unique a one off ...if you go and buy a pert-a-porter suit you pay a bomb because it is a unique I don't see why people don't understand that a hand-crafted item should be considered in the same light. After all in our work time is money so why do they not understand this! Its the same with translations which I do but very rarely because I hate doing it....incredibly boring! The amount of times I get the cheeky response after presenting an estimate .... "you are not going to charge me for that????'re English after all so you can do it in a jiffy" tch!
    I would be very reluctant to sell such an incredibly beautiful throw however it would depend on the offer. I saw person on Etsy had her crocheted blanket (Double bed size) for sale for 1000 pounds. It took her two years to make. That's 41.66 per month not so expensive if you think about it.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. I didn't say anything like £1000...but that's the right attitude, the price is what you are prepared to sell it for and if someone wants it and is prepared to pay that price it is their's to keep F x!

  4. I too really love your blanket and appreciate how many hours it would have taken you to create.

    When I priced my own crocheted blankets for sale at a fair I reasoned that I couldn't charge a fair price for my time, but I had enjoyed the making process so I added £20 - £30 to the cost of the yarn, although they were only pram blankets. They didn't sell and I decided I would rather save them to give as presents than sell them cheaply. People who do that only help to devalue everyone else's work.

    It is almost impossible to put a price on your blanket but if you have a figure in mind that you would be happy with then don't accept a lower offer.

    (I really think you ought to keep it though!)

    Beth x

  5. I just had someone find my blog and saw the little pink hats I made for my granddaughters and wanted me to make one for her niece's birthday! Those little hats took me a long time each and so I told the lady I could not do it. I make my things with love for my own people - why would I want to spend a week of evenings for someone I don't know for a kid who might never wear it? She didn't even have the courtesy to respond to me via email - so I'm glad I didn't do it. Your blanket is a work of art and a family heirloom.. I think you should keep it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I totally agree with Teresa about your blanket being a family heirloom as well as a unique work of art: I can't imagine a more wonderful item to pass down to kids/grandkids... it isn't possible to price something like this that is a one-off because most people are too accustomed to cheaply made (ie poorly paid) handwork. Keep it, enjoy it!

  7. So beautiful. Pop on a huge price. If someone wants it, they'll pay and you'll have a big smile on your face. If it doesn't sell, then it was meant for keeping!!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what I did and I have heard no more :) F x

  8. Yes, keep and enjoy it. It's too gorgeous to give away or even sell. That should be your show off piece. I find it hard to price things when people want to buy them. Unless they really understand the cost of the yard and the real time and effort into making it and don't want to pay for real hand made things, tell them to go support that asian country at the local $1 store. That's the problem, we are too used to cheap things from such stores. But, you get what you pay for in quality.

  9. That blanket is beautiful and agree with Teresa too ☺
    Making things for people who love what you do is different.
    And putting what you feel is the best.

  10. I get this a lot too. Or people saying, you should sell them. Ha! If you worked out the true cost, no-one would ever pay it. Tragic, but true. Mass production means people have no concept of the time it takes to hand craft something, or the value of that time. I also know someone who runs a craft stall sometimes, who suggested I run one too. I protested that people barely want to pay for the cost of material, let alone for my time and she just looked as me as if I was mad and said 'Oh, you can't charge for your time!'

    Luckily for us, we don't do it for the money!

    S x

  11. Thank you for all your interesting comments, all the reactions have been covered that I was expecting...and Sandra sums it up perfectly "Luckily for us, we don't do it for the money!"!!

    Fiona x

  12. Funny how time is not chargeable if it is a hobby, isn't it? Can't add more to the topic but it was really interesting to read, Fiona.

  13. The only thing I'd like to add to all the other comments - which a excellent - is that when doing something fairly "mindless" like simple crochet or knitting should we really expect to charge minimum wage? If we did a job, even for minimum wage, we would be expected to give i our full attention and would be fired if we talked to our family or watched t.v. Whilst doing it! This is what helped me make the decision to knit for a local alpaca farm at just a £10 per 100 gram of d.k. Yarn.....

  14. Hi Fiona, don't sell it!!! - its an heirloom and so beautiful - enjoy it and cherish it as it is worth far more to you than any monetary value!

  15. I would not be able to fix a price for such a beautiful blanket on which you have worked so many hours !!! Please do not sell it!
    I wish you a lovely weekend!

  16. I think it's almost impossible to charge a reasonable rate for handmade items these days when there is so much cheap mass produced stuff for sale. Sadly most people don't want to pay much more than the material cost. I would keep hold of it but make sure whoever you pass it on to knows it's an heirloom! xx

  17. Unless you crochet and know how much work goes in to something like this you would never understand why you are not willing to sell. Your talent is worth far more than minimum wage, do not under sell your talents as nobody can put a worthwhile price on them.

  18. You can't put a price on such a beautiful piece of art. Keep it for yourself. Would you be willing to write out the color pattern? You could sell that instead. I'm very interested. I have Lucy's pattern and all the Stylecraft yarn. All I need is the color,pattern (1 row Aster, 2 rows Bluebell, 1 row Cream, etc.) just the beginning colors and advise when they repeat. Pleeeease do this or me, I'd pay you for it.


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