Friday, 5 October 2012

Not Just Another Granny Square Blanket - DONE!

Another Granny Square Blanket, but with a simple twist of a giant granny middle. However, it is my first granny square blanket, not just another one to me. Not very radical, but I disobeyed youngest daughter, whose blanket it is, and decided I wanted to work in a bit more interest. Starting with the intention of a 12x12 sqaure throw ie 144 six round solid granny squares. I thought I would try join-as-you--go or JAYG for the first time. Except I didn't mug up on the method before going away on holiday at the end of August. Six rounds because I am lazy, and it is quicker to make as you have fewer ends to sew in.
Cath Kidston crochet blanket
But I digress, the brief from my 16yo was a "Cath Kidston snuggly blanket for TV slobbing" so it didn't need to be big but it is big, plenty big enough for her double bed under the eaves in the attic! It covers two on the sofa too, we tried it out tonight as I am holding off on putting the heating on still.
crochet giant granny
The blanket has taken about 5 weeks, I got a move on the first week as we were on holiday so no PC and no guilt crocheting in the evening or a few squares over a morning cup of tea in bed...holidays are like Sunday every day.
I was using 8 colours of Stylecraft Special DK as commissioned by the customer: Candy Floss: Cloud Blue, Fondant, Lavender, Lemon, Lipstick, Spring Green and White. I tried to be random, but keeping the lights and darks spaced and fairly even in each row. The giant granny was not that giant, and replaced the centre 16 squares, so 24 rounds it was.

 The edging is 6 rounds of granny clusters, how easy is that?!
I officially love JAYG, it is a bit quicker than sewing up, as you are sewing in an end that still has to be fastened off if you JAYG. I just love the country blanket stitch effect. I found it easier to do on a table to get the tension even on the join.
join as you go

 The patchwork teddy was made by my mum aka Granny when our smallest one was born 16 years ago, she also made our other two girls one in different colours at the same time.

Not Just Another Granny Square Blanket finished 3rd October 2012, it took me 5 weeks!

FINISHED SIZE: 190cm square
YARN: 2 balls each Stylecraft Special 100% acrylic Double Knit 100g in 8 colours, up to half a ball of each left
Candy Floss 1130
Cloud Blue 1019
Fondant 1241
Lavender 1188
Lemon 1020
Lipstick 1246
Spring Green 1316
White 1001

Hook: 4mm

Solid Granny Square Pattern (UK terminology)

Ch=Chain Tr=Treble SlSt = Slip Stitch, Sp=space
Start with 4Ch join to a loop
Round 1
6Ch then 3Tr into loop
(1Ch 3Tr 3Ch 3Tr) into loop, repeat 3 times in total.
2Tr and join to 3rd chain
Round 2
Sl st into corner chains 6ch
6Ch then 3Tr into same corner chains
(1Ch, 3Tr into 1 ch sp, 1Ch, 3Tr 3Ch 3Tr into corner chains) repeat 3 times as before and finish with 1 ch 2tr and join to 3rd ch.
Round 3-5
Continue as set
Round 6
Complete first side to corner chain, Ch1 (not 3) then follow JAYG instructions on Lucy's Attic 24 photo tutorial. I chain 1 when turning a JAYG corner.

I have no idea if this is the correct method, just how I did them. Often there are no1 ch spaces on granny squares and just 2 chains to turn the corner, do what you prefer! I am also sure this pattern will have been written down somewhere before, I am not claiming to be original.

Happy Hooky Index: 9/10
I enjoyed taking part in the One A Day and Tuesdays Tallies on Carole's blog
Here is how it came together
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5


  1. Fiona you are AMAZING! That`s so beautiful and you have an amazing talent. You must feel very chuffed!

    1. Thanks Jane, many others are far more proficient than I, but I do love it!

  2. 5 weeks, wow you are so fast. And how beautiful it is! I'm sure your daughter absolutely loves it! And isn't this feeling of a finished blanket the best?

    1. I am lucky to have the time, and I love and hate finishing a blanket at the same time, but so many more I want to make.

  3. Gorgeous! I bet your daughter loves it!
    Karen x

  4. Fabulous!!! What more can I say.

    wendy in oz

  5. Oh my, that is one gorgeous, snuggly blanket, your daughter must be thrilled with it. It was such a great idea to add the giant square into the centre, it makes this blanket very unique.

  6. Your blanket is so beautiful and the colours are gorgeous.
    Well done. You have ispired me to have a go.
    Thanks for sharing your brilliant blanket.

  7. Fabulous! You've finished it so quickly too. It looks beautifully snuggly and suitably huge to be wrapped in too - just the thing now the weather is starting to get a bit 'crisp'!

  8. Ooh, this is sooo beautiful. I love all those colours together, you have done a great job arranging them all so nicely!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxBarbina

  9. It looks absolutely perfect Fiona, and yet so simple and uncomplicated. I bet your daughter loves it!
    Angie x

  10. What a gorgeous blanket for your lucky daughter. I had to check out the patchwork quilt I saw peeking through in one of the pictures because that took my fancy too, I hope S appreciates all your hard work!

  11. Annie, it's beautiful! Your daughter must be very happy : -) And all done in 5 weeks, wow. And I spied a really beautiful quilt in one of the photos too. Did you make it?

    1. Thanks Trudy, it grows quickly when single colour squares are involved and JAYG, fewer ends! The quilt I made for the same daughter for her birthday earlier this year, it was the subject of my first blog post! Fiona xx

  12. This is beautiful! Very nice colours!

    I read the post about Amsterdam and if I understood it right your daughter lives in Groningen? My daughter lives there too:) I am Dutch and I love Groningen. It has also a very nice yarn shop;)

  13. Beautiful!

    I read the post Amsterdam and if I understood it right, one of your daughters lives in Groningen. My daughter lives there too:) I am Dutch. And I like Groningen very much. It also has a very nice yarn shop:)

    1. Yes, you got it right, a lovely city. I found the new yarn shop but didn't "need" yarn, it stocks some Drops yarn. Fiona

  14. Wow, gorgeous! Very Cath colors. :)

  15. Hi Fiona,

    your blog has been awarded. Here is the link:

    Greetings, maree

    1. Thank you Maree, that is kind. I think I am just about working out about the awards, but it may be a week or two before I can respond properly, this week is a bit manic! Fiona x

  16. I love the design Annie,gorgeous.Xxxx

  17. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Your daughter must love it.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  18. Gorgeous colours! I do so love stylecraft yarns.
    Victoria xx

  19. This is stunning, I love the colours you have chosen and how you have made it as well with the interesting granny square in the middle :D

  20. Congrats for finishing the blanket! You were very busy, wow, only five weeks! I can dream of ... Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

    1. Googled crochet blankets and was attracted to yours as i thought it particularly pretty, love the colours. Pam in Norway

  21. Gorgeous !!!! I love the colours and how you've done the centre, wow, 5 weeks, that is quick. Have a good week. Deb x

  22. Hey there Fiona

    Thank you so much for stopping by Sewing Daisies: it's great to meet fellow crafters. I have just been nosing about your blog and I love your work. I can't wait to see your next crochet project!


  23. So beautiful, well done! Both the colours and the central square make it really different and very Kidston-esque! Your daughter is very lucky. Oh, and I Want one of those amazing patchwork bears!
    Abigail x

  24. FAB - must have a go at that as I LOATHE joining squares - the JAYG sounds like the answer for me

  25. I want to be able to do something like are clever chuck xxx

  26. Very pretty!



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