Saturday, 15 September 2012

Neat Granny Log Cabin Crochet Cushions

I cheated. My Log Cabin cushions...
crochet log cabin cushion
Log Cabin Cushions
are also my Bullseye cushions I have just made... Just two cushions, not four!
Bullseye Cushions
Since I crocheted the double sided Gingham/Provencal cushion for my friend who lives in France, I have been smitten with double sided cushions. They have to have a back so why not make it different so you can have two looks for the effort and cost of one?  These cushions, including the pad, have cost less than £4 each, not counting my time.
log cabin
Crochet Log Cabin Cushions on bed with Moroccan Throw
I wanted to try a crocheted log cabin patchwork effect, but the only pattern I found was a granny cluster style one and I wanted the blocks to be defined, so I risked life and limb and had a go at winging it! A brave thing to do for me, I like following patterns. I did ground myself and started off with a solid granny square, the same pattern as I used for the gingham cushion.

The colours were chosen to co-ordinate with the Bullseye side and the bedroom blinds and also the throw we bought in Morocco last summer that is on our bed at the moment. So in addition to Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment, Mocha and Walnut I added Claret 1123 Meadow 1065 and Teal 1062. Throws on bed are in the cushion category, they get kicked unceremoniously into a heap on the floor, but whilst the house is “up for sale” we are making an effort in the bedroom (that sounds totally wrong!) I’d like to think it may continue when we move, the way our bedroom looks that is.

The cushions being double-sided gives us added flexibility as they also look good on our leather sofas, we have some cushions on there that I ran up from another Moroccan throw but unfortunately the weave was too loose and they have disintegrated in just one year, even I acknowledge that, for once, it is not my sewing that is at fault.
crochet log cabin
Neat Granny Log Cabin v 1
The first cushion I changed colour every time I finished a block, I worked to the end of the row and turned so each block is 5 rows with the two granny cluster rows worked on the wrong side. I will write out the pattern when I find my little book with the notes in! When I turned I picked up 9 more stitches evenly from the end of the previous block, to keep the pattern correct throughout. I kept the browns as one half and colours as the other half.
log cabin crochet
Neat Granny Log Cabin v2
For the second cushion I had a brainwave and did two blocks at once keeping the pattern correct. I thought it would be far neater but the stitch count kept getting out and the finished result was quite distorted, I like the first attempt much better, so version 1 is the pattern I will go with.

To finish the cushions work a row or two of trebles around the last row to even out and make both sides the same size and to fit your pad. Then work front and back together (wrong sides together) in trebles with three chains at the corners leaving about two thirds of one side open. Treble down one side and treble with a one chain space evenly 4 times on the other side for the button holes.
button holes on crochet cushion
Button Closure
The final round is 3 treble clusters miss 2 chains, on the second cushion I turned my work and the border lies much flatter.
Crochet granny cluster edging
Simple Granny Cluster Edging
Continue across the opening on the side without button holes. Sew on your buttons and there you go, four cushions for the price of two. So if the blinds stay here when we move, and cushions on the bed become too much of a pillow fight, both throw and cushions can go and reside the sofas...
How they are supposed to look...
...where they will be hoyed to the floor and the dog will think someone cares about him after all!
unstyled home
What really happens to throws and cushions on sofas, the unstyled version!


  1. Both versions look lovely, but I think I would prefer the second one, dunno why. But they are both gorgeous, Fiona!

  2. I love love LOVE your cushions! My round pillow brings me joy each day as I look at it. I definitely want to make more. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I like the first version best, I like that the colours are more mixed up and random! They do look lovely on your sofa with the throw, all snuggly and cosy :)
    Karen xx

  4. What a fabulous idea to make a double-sided cushion so you can change your look! Love your colour choice in the Granny Log Cabin, the teal with red, yummo : -)

  5. Wow, I love them, can't wait for a pattern.

  6. Love them noth. And what a good idea!! Groetjes, Gerda

  7. Another stunning pair of cushions! Where do you get the time to make all of these amazing things :)

    1. Thanks Elle, I have the time as my children are older and I am not really working at the moment after selling my business last year that occupied 6 1/2 days a week for 8 years!

  8. What a great idea! I love changing things in my home and this way all you have to do is turn your pillows over. Love the pattern you used!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. Beautiful and stunning cushions, I love your choice of colours.

    1. I love the double sided cushion - a quick flick and a change of decor. The log cabin pattern you have used is lovely xx

  10. Love the cushions, I did a double sided different type a while back.
    One bright, other not so bright but lots of little granny squares.
    Also I must say I love the elephants, my mum has quite a few of them ☺☺

    1. The elephants are from Sri Lanka...we were there the Christmas the tsunami happened, beautiful country and people and I would love to go back. We are very fortunate we can go back as we were due on the coast for New Year and were inland at Christmas. Fiona x


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