Saturday, 17 May 2014

Table runner - DONE!

Remember this? No? I'm not surprised!

I did finish my table runner a couple of months ago but I forgot to blog it! The family don't "get" it.

They asked if it was a table protector for hot pans or a narrow and unfinished tablecloth or if I was making another to make two "rows" of place mats. I explained it was for decoration as the big table doesn't get used for every meal any more as we eat at the kitchen table. It makes the view from the hall more interesting. As for the request that it is removed from the table before eating as it's not designed for frequent washing, was denounced as ridiculous. The curtain fabric is linen. I was very pleased I managed to eek out the apple green stripe to make the narrowest of bindings. The bright raspberry check is from IKEA
Anyway, I like it! Just don't look too closely at the workmanship.
I had painted our old pair of treacly 1930s chairs before Christmas, and recovered the seats in spare curtain fabric, and lightened the table by painting the fascia and legs too. It means we can sit 8 without having to rope in the computer chair and piano stool!

Well the reaction to the table runner was nothing compared to the outcry over the pom pom bunting I made in the autumn but had the audacity to NOT to take down after Christmas. The family have disowned me as a slight nut case. Our dining room is north facing and why should pom pom trim be just for Christmas? I made it in the curtain colours, not Christmas colours. I had bought a Clover pom pom maker months previously, what a clever invention. No more tracing round cups on the back of cereal packs in great Blue Peter style.

The dining room is the only room that has been decorated since we moved in over a year ago......and the magnolia paint stayed. I love the bright apple green fern print wallpaper, a B&Q bargain. My Portmeirion Pamona china happily sits alongside.
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