Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fingerless Mittens - DONE!

Yes I know mittens are fingerless! However, these are fingerless gloves that convert to mittens. I can never see the point of fingerless gloves as it's the extremities of my fingers that get cold. However,doing anything with gloves or mittens on is impossible. If you have fingerless gloves that convert to mittens then you can do things (like text or fish coins out of purse) and then swiftly pull the thumb and mitten flaps over to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures. Brilliant!
These fingerless mitts are destined for the frozen north aka a student house in Newcastle where you wear gloves with your onesie indoors as well as out but being fingerless is not an option!
 Fast texters need to use their thumb too.
 The flaps don't get in the way when in nimble finger mode.
 ..and now they are mitts for the walk back home at 3 in the morning.
 I didn't match the yarn.
Up close and personal.
 I can see the stitches picked up for the mitten flap quite clearly!
 not the neatest pair of knitted gloves ever, but they were my first attempt.
Knitting them all in the round was a juggle! At times I was totally yarn befuzzled with cocktail sticks everywhere!
...but I did it. now I think another 2-3 pairs are required. One pair in pink for girly youngest who actually admired the concept but not the earthy colours and a pair for me for when I'm on my bike at 6am, so I can still deal with my lights and lock at the other end. Even the husband admired them and suggested some mods so they fit him better! Now that is a first.
One finger one thumb keep moving..
One finger one thumb keep moving.....
One finger one thumb keep moving...........
We'll all be merry and bright!

Fingerless Mittens Podster Gloves finished 18th January 2014 (took a month with Christmas interupting, so a few nights really!)

SIZE: Large

YARN: Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Mexiko shade 244- 100g ball 4-ply/fingering sock yarn 75% superwash wool/25% nylon As ever. there is enough left for 1 glove or sock so I am glad I bought 2 balls! Purchased from the ever wonderful Get Knitted in Bristol
Pic courtesy Get Knitted, Bristol.
NEEDLES: KnitPro Symfonie 2.5mm dpns

PATTERN: Convertible Mittens Fingerless Gloves Podster Gloves

HAPPY KNITTY INDEX: 8/10 (workmanship needs refining!)


  1. Wonderful and they seen to cater for every possibility too!
    Susan x

  2. Yes!!! it is a good idea and I wonder if there is a crochet pattern for similar or is this your pattern? If it is I think that pattern will sell well. I can just see my sister appreciating a pair of fingerless mittens. She is a school bus driver in Lincolnshire and I've made her a couple of fingerless gloves for when she is driving but when she has to just sit and wait she says her hands are freezing! I love the blend of colours too!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thanks Amanda, but I am flattered you think it's my pattern! I have linked the pattern from Rav, and it is free so if anyone else wants to make some knit away! Fiona x

  3. Lovely and so useful! And the thumb's cap is extremely cute :-)
    Greetings, Nata

  4. Lovely mittens. I think I have pair that are half finished somewhere...........

    1. Go dig them out and finish them! ;) Fiona x


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