Tuesday, 15 January 2013

One-a-Day 15th Jan 13 Tuesdays Tallies

Attempt at today's Tuesday's Tallies # 2. I just posted and managed to wipe the original by having multiple windows open on my phone and pc, I should know better!

Great news, the sun came out and I managed some "bathed in sunshine" shots of my French Stripey Throw. It is measuring just over 40cm, but I will need some more yarn as I have used a third of the gorgeously soft Drops Merino Extra Fine. I love the colours, and feel of this yarn. Not very much progress on that this week because...
I've been knitting! My 16yo came in from a friend's asking if I could knit her this Rowan design she had found herself. However after reading other people's experiences of this pattern on Ravelry I was not so keen but I was keen to knit her a sweater as it is the first time she has asked me to knit her something. In the end she decided she only wanted a plain stocking stitch sweater and we have agreed on a Comfy Raglan Sweater which at least is a top down pattern (new for me) and in the round too (no seams!!) We decided on yet more Stylecraft, this time Chunky in the lovely denim colourway. I bought the yarn on my first foray to a Knit and Natter at Get Knitted in Bristol last Friday. It was a lovely morning as the Friday morning session is new so the 5 of us were all new together and nobody knew anybody else. The jumper is upside down in the photo as the rib is the collar and I have just placed the sleeve stitches onto pink yarn to pick up once the body is complete. I hoped to be finished in a week as it is a winter sweater.
Top Down
Comfy Raglan Sweater
Hopefully next week it will be a finished and modeled shot, and not one trying to disguise our messy living room that now has four different piles of yarn lying around in it. Hopefully we will also know by next week if/when we are moving. It will be nice to be back in a house we can call our own!


  1. Thought you must have been having some kind of technical issue when I clicked on your link and it told me the page did not exist!!!
    Fingers crossed for your moving date!
    Angie x

    1. Can't believe that after all the savings I managed to revert to the original draft with just the photos in...duh!

  2. Fiona.. I just love the multi-hued blue crochet.. it's given me an idea for a blanket for my youngest grandson. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the color spectrum of your throw. It's fantastic. The st is so interesting.
    That is a fabulous blue for your daughter's sweater.

  4. Your projects are great. Thanks for taking over the link party. I had hoped it would be back. It helps keep me motivated.

  5. I love your throw, the colours are working so well together and the pattern is looking great!
    Thank you so much for hosting the link party.That is so wonderful! I will join next week too!
    Have a great week! xxBarbina

  6. The sweater's coming on well - lucky girl! Your blanket is very serene and beautiful. Perfect weather to work on it at the moment. Abigail x


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