Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Aran Cushions - Part 2 - Blackberry Stitch DONE!

Do you remember  way back when? The summer sometime, before the trees turned, before we moved house etc etc etc Middle one wanted an assortment of cushions for her uni room. Aran Cushion number 1 was completed before the start of term, but number two was finished for her birthday last week. It was going to be a knitted bobble stitch with a plain back but I decided to have a bash at a crocheted Blackberry Stitch instead based on this pattern.
I Bobbled Along.... quite happily. Working in Stylecraft Chunky was harder on the hands, and each bobble takes some working, 5 stitches into 1 do go with some elbow grease.
The lovely effect of this stitch does come at a price, you need a massive amount of the yarn. I was so far out I used double what I expected and that was keeping the back as plain trebles. It is a gorgeous effect though, just be warned on the yardage!
I worked a simple button closure slip stitching along the last row of trebles and just working a 3-4 chain loop where a button was sewn on accordingly on the opposite side. The cushion is a large 60cm square, and cost a fortune to post with its pad to my daughter.
Pictures were hard to get on a gloomy day when rushing to pack and post off.
But she did like it! One of those "DONE" projects that was enjoyable but I am glad to be moving onto something else, namely my Vintage Solid Granny that is progressing well, no update so far this week as my mum has been here for a few days and I just worked on the odd square here and there keeping the rest hidden away.....

BLACKBERRY STITCH CROCHET CUSHION finished 5th November 2012, it took me two months off and on.

FINISHED SIZE: 60cm square

YARN: 3x100g Stylecraft Special Chunky each in Fondant 1241 and Cream 1005

Hook: 5.5mm

PATTERN: Based on this Blackberry Stitch Baby Blanket



  1. What a beautiful cushion! Be careful or you will be getting orders from all your daughter's uni friends!!!
    Angie x

  2. Gorgeous cushion! I'm very tempted to use this stitch but its such a yarn guzzler :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Stunning! I know a young girl in this house would love it too, for its pinkness and bobbliness : -)

  4. I love it! Reminds me of an old-fashioned sweet shop. The stitch is really effective - something to consider for a small project! A cushion cover sounds perfect.
    Abigail x

  5. Hey! I love the cushion, really want to make one! Do you think you could outline the pattern for me really quick? I would be sooo grateful!

    I know you provided the ravelry pattern but some instruction would be useful as to the sizing!




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