Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bobbling along...

I have been a little bit busy (and absent from blogging) the last couple of weeks. After planning to move house for so long we suddenly did, with a week's notice. Rental houses are so hard to find, especially when there is a dog in the family. This one came up when S was in the US so I just paid the deposit and here we are. We still have our house to sell so this one is temporary. No more commuting to work for S, other than an 8km bike ride through Somerset countryside, and little S started 6th form here in September so now she is walking to school too.

We are now in Somerset, just south of Bristol and very nice it is. This is a sensible move. It is only an hour from our old house but still a new start in a new area after 15 very happy years in Gloucestershire. I can walk out the door with Rolo and walk him in the park, or into town, through the woods or go and see the swans and walk round the lake. The cycling is fabulous too, lots of off road Sustrans cycle paths. A much healthier, more economical and greener way to live!
I have been crocheting in between the moving ourselves, cleaning and unpacking, thank goodness for a portable hobby! I am trying to finish the large floor cushion for the student oop north, a companion to Aran Cushion 1. The blackberry stitch is very effective but uses a lot of yarn, 8 balls of Stylecraft Special Chunky 100g balls, I only bought 4 to start with and I have had to send off for more twice now, so I hope that is enough. It would be a lot more but the back is in plain trebles. I have to get it finished this week as it is her birthday soon! I'll be back soon with a "DONE!" post, hopefully.
Crochet Blackberry Stitch
I also finally got round to sorting my phone out (long out of contract and still paying £££s) and managed to get a superb deal on a Galaxy 3S that is far better than Martin's Money Saving Expert email could recommend  and cheaper than my old phone. So blogging on the go is now a possibility. I started this on my phone but after uploading the photos and saving I have resorted to PC blogging...hard to waffle on as much on a phone! My advice is  to order a phone with someone else, ring up and ask for the code so you can keep your number and, surprise surprise, they will then move heaven and earth to keep you even if you already asked for a price match. Take the offer there and then (I didn't, it took 10 days to get them to honour their verbal offer as I was cooking) and cancel the order for the first phone quick. The UK company in question starts with a "Vo"...I am saying no more!!


  1. You have me tired out reading your post. Your crochet looks fabulous especially the colours.
    The photo is gorgeous and the ducks adorable.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cor that is a yarn guzzler but its such a pretty stitch it's well worth it! Gorgeous colours!
    Victoria xx

  3. Good to see you back on here Fiona! You certainly have been busy, managing to carry on crocheting during a move!
    The crochet looks lovely, it may be blackberry stitch but reminds me of strawberries and cream! Yum...
    Angie x

  4. I can't even conceive of moving.. we have a house full of stuff and a shed, garage and barn full of stuff. You must be high energy!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Happy new house in Somerset!!

  6. Welcome back and well done on making the move, you seem very happy with your new patch. That bobble stich is lovely, good on you for managing a bit of crochet during such a busy time

  7. I hope all went well with your move and you are settling happily into Somerset and your new home!
    The Blackberry stitch is fantastic - really effective and worth the effort, I am sure.
    Enjoy your new phone - my husband has a Galaxy S2 and it is a brilliant phone.
    Abigail x

  8. Hello Fiona,
    Your new location looks lovely .... I'm very much a little town girl at heart and I strongly believe that there is a better life to be had living in a small town or village. This may sound like sacrilege to city dwellers (like my hubby) but as I said I'm a small town child. I lived in Bristol and London for a while and didn't like it. One day if I win the lottery I'd like to go back to my home town Minehead to live. I wish!
    Your cushion cover is scrumptious ...love the colours and yes that type of stitch like popcorn stitch is as Tangled Sweetpea comments is a yarn guzzler!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. We have always lived in small towns/villages, scared stiff of big cities! BUT we can be in Bristol in 10 minutes by train, station is a 10 minute walk, that is civilisation!


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