Monday, 29 February 2016

Spice of Life Throw - Done!

I bought yarn for Cherry Heart's Spice of Life throw back in the autumn, before the Dutch Ripple was finished! As it was a present for a good friend I have not said much about it.

The idea was for a contemporary look, with colour pops in the neutral greys and browns that I bought in triplicate. It's a standing joke that my friend LOVES pinks and purples, and I'm not as keen. She hates blue (well navy really, I snuck in a greyish blue) but likes greys as neutrals. My most hated colour coral, is her favourite cycling jacket colour. I also tried to incorporate natural countryside colours as we both love the outdoors.

It all ended up with more pops of colours than greys! I have always loved using Stylecraft Special for throws but wanted to make another throw in natural fibres like my French Ripple, this time Drops Cotton Merino. Drops is the only natural yarn cost effective for large projects as far as I have been able to ascertain.

Sandra (of Cherry Heart) released her free pattern as a crochet a long or CAL in autumn 2015 to complete over 6 weeks, it took me a bit longer! I did manage to finish in time for her birthday in February, well a few days late. Unfortunately my tension went off at the end and it needed severe blocking, which my friend is very good as she is a superb lace shawl knitter.

Next project is to finally see if I can manage to knit a lacy and delicate shawl! I have already cast on Loren with Townhouse Yarns Trinity 2 ply I bought on a fleeting visit to Dublin earlier this month!

I have been teased about my multi coloured blankets, and I think I have kept up my reputation with this one!


  1. Really beautiful, and I know the recipient loved it too!

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  3. I love your way to combine colors. They are bright enough, but they ain't annoying. Wonderful combination of patterns.

  4. Thank you for your very kind comments Claire.


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